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Aleister Black explains why he hasn’t replicated his NXT success on main roster



Aleister Black gave an interesting answer to an intriguing question while doing an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Black was successful in NXT as he is a former NXT Champion, but hasn't found the same success that he had in the developmental brand while on the main roster. In this interview, he gave his take as to why that is.

“I think the reason for that is we moved so far away from what Aleister Black was in NXT that people started getting confused about what exactly Aleister Black was supposed to be. After a few conversations, I said, ‘I need a different direction.’ That led to the creation of this new Aleister Black, where he is a little more human and people can latch on to him quicker. Being human doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be a good guy.

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It also can mean that it is a villain, and you can better understand the motives of where the character comes from. You don’t have to agree with the motives to understand them, but the motive had got lost for Aleister Black on the main roster.”

Black continued by stating that the opportunities presented on Raw and SmackDown are this great chessboard. He feels like his character has never had the opportunity to do what he needs to do and thinks if the character doesn’t get those opportunities, he’s going to burn the whole chessboard.

“If Aleister Black doesn’t get his opportunity, then no one does. That is a much more relatable antagonistic way of looking at things. Before, that motive wasn’t as clear. “

He questioned what the character stood for a few months ago. He stated that once getting involved in Rey Mysterio’s feud with Seth Rollins, he found himself being open to vicious beatings each week. He added that he got shuffled away a little bit.

Black has already stated that fans are only seeing a small sample of what the new character has to offer. The WWE star also talked about the Draft, the possibility of facing Roman Reigns, and more. Check out the full interview here.