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Aleister Black underwent testicle surgery four weeks ago



For weeks, there has been talk about Aleister Black's injury but no specifics were given other than it was some sort of groin injury suffered at a live event in Las Vegas. The initial reports sounded like he would be back relatively soon but Dave Meltzer reported that his injury is worse than originally thought.

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that Black underwent testicle surgery, which sounds very painful. As you can see in the clip below, Black seems to be doing much better because he was doing 335-pound squats this week and it's only been four weeks since the surgery.

The last we heard on him was that he should be back by the next set of NXT TV tapings. On this week's NXT TV, General Manager William Regal was interviewing witnesses and potential suspects. No word yet on when they will reveal who was Black's attacker.

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