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Aleister Black written off WWE TV



This past weekend, we wrote about Aleister Black being written off TV and no longer being pushed as a top guy now that Paul Heyman is not in charge of creative.

Dave Melzer noted in last week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the injury angle on Black's arm last week was not a cover for a real-life injury so basically, they were writing him off TV.

Plans changed and WWE brought him back again for this week's Raw (taped last Tuesday) so he could be attacked again by Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy. This week they booked him to have Murphy try to take his eye out with the corner of the ring steps. As of this week, Black has been written off storylines, for now.

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Meltzer said, "I know the original plan for him was to take him out." He continued, "I don't know for how long but that was the original idea was to do an injury angle with Aleister Black, which is kind of weird when you're so low on talent."

For those of you wondering about Seth Rollins and who he will face at SummerSlam, that is unclear right now but based on what happened on Raw, it seems like they are building Dominik Mysterio vs. Rollins for the pay-per-view.

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