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Alex Riley mentions Nikki Bella and Stephanie McMahon in latest rant about John Cena

Alex Riley John Cena Nikki Bella Stephanie McMahon

Last week, we wrote about a bizarre social media post from former WWE Superstar Alex Riley that was directed at John Cena. Riley has claimed that Cena sabotaged him in WWE. Ryback backed up Riley's claims on his podcast and the subject was brought up on an episode of Raw in 2017 when Roman Reigns referenced Cena allegedly derailing Riley's career.

Riley has followed up on last week's rant (click here to see what he said) with new and somewhat bizarre posts that mention Nikki Bella and Stephanie McMahon.

Riley said the following:

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"IF YOU’RE READING THIS ITS TOO LATE @stephaniemcmahon I pulled back the curtain by myself take a look you will SEE #DNADRIP @krisjamesedwardkiley #BLOODiRON #GODiT @johncena WEIGHT is MATTER #DIPSHIT ;)"

In another post, he writes:

"BLOOD Red Red WINE @thenikkibella STAY CLOSE TOO ME you’re not the ONLY ONE @johncena ALL I can do is YET TO COME @ub40 #HustleLoyaltyRespect MY #DNA StanchioN @neuronicaudio @krisjamesedwardkiley #GOD"

The video below mocks Cena's "ok" hand gesture.