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Alexa Bliss-Bray Wyatt angle gets weird with Randy Orton on WWE Raw

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw kicked off with “A Moment of Bliss.” Alexa Bliss welcomed Randy Orton as her guest this week.

Orton started off by saying that he knows Bray Wyatt really well but he hasn’t been formally introduced to The Fiend but he has a lot in common with him except that The Fiend wears his pain and suffering on the exterior for everyone to see. Orton says he tucks his own pain in his gut so he can blend in.

Orton talked about burning Bray Wyatt’s compound a few years ago and now he needs to find The Fiend’s weakness and vulnerability…Alexa Bliss.

It didn’t take long for the lights to start to go out. The Fiend appeared in the ring but Bliss was in Orton’s arms and then The Fiend begged for Orton to hand her over. Orton did so but then he quickly left the ring and said, “who’s laughing now?”

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