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Alexa Bliss falls off a chair while trying to look tall...



You really can't put anything past Alexa Bliss and that includes staying on a chair. In an attempt to seem as tall as Nia Jax, Bliss jumped on a chair to film a little video to hype their Nashville show when The Five Feet Of Fury just couldn't stay up. It was not only dangerous but adorable as well.

It's a good thing Bliss has a friend like Nia Jax she can lean on... literally because The Girl Who's Not Like Most Girls was more than willing to jump up and help her Total Divas costar.

These two obviously have a good time on the road and with each other as evidence of the fact they both uploaded this video to their social media accounts. Who knows if WWE will ever get around to writing a thrilling storyline involving these two real-life besties going at it in the ring? But in the meantime, it's plenty entertaining to watch them hang out backstage.

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