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Alexa Bliss: “I would like to accomplish everything I want to before calling it quits”

Alexa Bliss is the current Raw Women’s Champion and she’s headed to SummerSlam in hopes of shutting yet another competitor down in Sasha Banks.

Little Miss Bliss recently spoke to ESPN where she discussed some of her goals in pro wrestling. Essentially she has a lot she wants to do and doesn’t plan on giving it up until she’s accomplished everything on her list.

“I’d like to wrestle for as long as I can. I’ve always liked watching wrestling, but once you are on the other end of it, you develop a certain passion for it and respect for it and I would like to accomplish everything I want to before calling it quits.”

Alexa Bliss is a fangirl living out her dream. She excelled during her initial tryout with the company and soon found herself thick in the WWE Performance Center’s exciting culture. Now the first person to ever hold a Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championship is looking to keep on track as she has already accomplished so much during her short run on the main roster.

But it might surprise most that although she is young, she is wise beyond her years.

“I’ve been kind of the peacekeeper between people,” said Bliss. “If people get into an argument, I tell them, ‘I’m the youngest one here why am I the most mature, why is that?’ I try to mend everything. I don’t do drama. I don’t like drama. I just watch it happen, but I don’t want to be in it.”

It’s a really good thing that Alexa stays out of the drama because that can sometimes stifle even the best career pushes. She obviously has a good head on those little shoulders and is looking toward the future with every piece of history she’s a part of.

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