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Alexa Bliss is taking several months off from WWE, new/old gimmick coming soon?

Last night, we noted that there have been hints given about Alexa Bliss getting a character makeover and dropping the gimmick that was born when she started aligning herself with Bray Wyatt.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Bliss is set take time off from WWE television. Last night’s angle with Charlotte Flair ripping up Lilly the doll may have been her last match for a while with the company. Plans could change and they could still have her appear tonight on Raw for one final segment before she goes home.

The story on WInc noted that while it’s not known exactly how long she will be gone, it’s expected to be at least “a few months.”

Last week on Raw, Charlotte Flair said that she wanted to fight the old version of Bliss and not the cartoon version we’ve been seeing for months. During a post-show promo for, Flair said that she faced the old Alexa at Extreme Rules and it was the Alexa that held the Raw Women’s Title multiple times. It certainly looks like we might see the old Alexa Bliss when she returns to WWE TV.

At some WWE shows, fans have been chanting for Bray Wyatt during Alexa’s matches so it would make sense to take her out of that gimmick to avoid the connection to Wyatt since he is expected to sign with another promotion soon. Click here for Bray Wyatt spoiler news.

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