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Alexa Bliss locks Twitter after comments about ex-boyfriend Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio cause fan backlash

Alexa Bliss has locked her Twitter account after receiving a ton of negative tweets because of what she tweeted about the Aalyah Mysterio/Murphy storyline.

After Seth Rollins revealed the text messages between Aalyah and Murphy, Bliss tweeted the following: “Honestly I don’t blame him lol #ShootYourShotBud”

Of course, the text messages are all storyline and Bliss meant no harm with her tweet but that didn’t stop a wave of trolls from attacking her because she referenced a 19-year-old being involved with a 32-year old in a storyline. Bliss later pointed out that she doesn’t know Aalyah and did not know her age and she was just supporting Murphy’s success on the main roster.

Bliss followed up with the following tweets:

“Try to make one comment supporting my ex & now I’m the bad guy”

“Do I Know her or her age? No. Was I trying to be supportive of Murphy? Yes. Back off and calm down ppl. Just happy Murphy is getting the success he’s worked for. That’s all 🤷🏼‍♀️ be bothered by something else”

“Absolutely. I agree that I should be held responsible for the storylines my ex-boyfriend receives at work.
Anything else I can take care of as well?”

For those of you that missed it, it looks like WWE is teasing that Aalyah and Murphy will be getting together. This week on Raw, Aalyah tried to tell her family that Murphy is not the same kind of person as Rollins. In a backstage segment, Murphy teased turning on Rollins when he grabbed him by the collar. At that moment, Dominik Mysterio attacked Murphy and that led to a match.

Murphy beat Dominik when Aalyah showed up at ringside and the inadvertent distraction allowed Murphy to get the win. After the match, Aalyah slapped her brother after he referred to her as naive.

On Raw Talk, Murphy downplayed any issues with Rollins:

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