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Alexa Bliss’ mini pig gets his own YouTube channel

Little Miss Bliss is a lot more than just the Raw Women’s Champion. You’ll learn way more about her during season seven of Total Divas and you’ll also get to know more about her fiance Buddy Murphy. But that was probably expected.

One thing you might not have thought you’d learn about Alexa Bliss is she is the proud momma to a mini pig named Larry Steve. If you already know all about Larry Steve then this is going to be especially entertaining for you.

She really loves her piglet and shares a lot with her little oinker. Larry Steve even helps Alexa Bliss pick out her entertainment choices as she plays her Nintendo Switch. The new system from Nintendo is pretty sweet, but a pig that can pick out video games is probably cooler, to be honest.

@larry_steve_ helping me figure out which game to download next on my @nintendo #switch

A post shared by Alexa_Bliss (@alexa_bliss_wwe_) on

You might have noticed how Alexa tagged Larry Steve in the Instagram post above. That’s because Larry Steve is also a social media wiz. Seeing how we’re talking about a pig here all of this is pretty impressive. They say pigs are smarter than dogs and this might just prove it because I know my dogs aren’t interested in social media at all. They can never remember their password and eventually give up, but Larry Steve has it all together.

Now Larry Steve has his own YouTube channel. So subscribe if you want to catch up on a bunch of piggy hilarity.

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