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Alexa Bliss on how she met boyfriend Ryan Cabrera, how she got into WWE

The D Las Vegas

The D Las Vegas

Alexa Bliss is the guest on "The Bellas Podcast" with Nikki and Brie Bella. Alexa talked about how she overcame her eating disorder, her WWE career and she answers a fan tweet.

Here are some highlights:

Alexa Bliss told the story of how she got into WWE: “My trainer told me WWE was having tryouts. I went on that day. There was a link that said, do you want to be a WWE Superstar? I clicked on it and it had this guideline. It said to make a video and explain why you should be a WWE Superstar. On the 365 and Table for Three I did with Trish and Lita, they found said video and it is so embarrassing. I paid a guy $100 to film me at my gym in a bikini because it said you had to be in a bikini talking about why I should be a WWE Diva at the time. I had a weird nickname, Baby Swag, because that is what my trainer called me and that was my wrestling persona (for the video). I talked about my gymnastics background. It was a bad video but I thought it was cool. I sent it in thinking nothing will come of it. A couple weeks later, I got a call saying that I was going to L.A. for a casting call. I went in and there were 50 girls. We were all in bathing suits. There were 2 rows of people and three cameras on you. Hunter was sitting there. They said say something or do something that is going to set you apart from everybody. He said, why do you want to be a WWE Superstar? I said, I really want to be Tinker Bell at Disney World and I’m hoping this gets my foot in the door. He looked up and I said I’m totally kidding. I got a call as I landed back in Ohio saying I made it to the next round of the tryout which was a 30 day in ring tryout. You stay in L.A. for 30 days and train in the ring and they choose people from that. Two weeks later, I get a call saying I am not going to the next round of the tryout. He said, instead, you’re going to be signed and you’re moving to Tampa in three months as long as you clear medical. We are hoping you are as athletic as you look. They said HHH saw something in me he liked and I was going to be signed right off the bat. Come to find out, I was the person from that entire tryout, and there were like 1500 girls in the Diva Search, that submitted my own video. Everyone else’s was from their agents.”

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Alexa talked about how she met and started dating musician Ryan Cabrera: “It’s funny how we met. We met because of a rumor that we were dating. When TMZ put that out, we were friends then. You know how WWE fans are? They are very passionate and into our personal lives. He was liking some of my tweets and a fan saw that and started a whole Instagram that we were dating and tagged everyone in the company. I had people calling me and texting me and coming up to me saying, oh, you're dating Ryan. I said, 'I never met the guy.' Miz, who is best friends with Ryan called him and said, 'oh, dude, your dating Alexa Bliss?' He said, 'what is an Alexa Bliss?' He said, 'it’s a girl I work with.' Then we started chatting that way. We were just friends and he asked me to go to one of his shows. He asked where I was from. I said I’m from Orlando. He said he was flying to Orlando right now. 'I have a show in Epcot. You and your friends should come to the show.' I thought, maybe. I know how musicians are. I dated a musician when I first signed with WWE. I ended up going to the show. After the show, he said we are all going to go out and have some drinks and dinner and asked if I would want to come. I said, 'you know, it’s late. I should probably get back. It’s like 8:15, so I’m going home.' We became really good friends after that. I was very much not all about everything but he was very patient and persistent and we became amazing friends and that turned into literally, the most amazing relationship because he is so sweet and so amazing. What’s crazy about Ryan is this is the first relationship I’ve never had trust issues and insecurities because there is something about someone who tells you they are going to make you the happiest girl in the world and then actually does that. He literally breaks his back for my happiness.

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