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Alexa Bliss opens up on her in-ring status

Former WWE Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss recently did an interview with Asbury Park Press where she spoke about a wide range of topics.

During the interview, she was asked about “A Moment of Bliss” segments and her status as an in-ring performer. This is where she admitted that doing the talk show is a little bit of a change for her but at the same time it’s the same thing as they tell stories in the ring.

She’s only worked a handful of matches since October 2018. That includes the Women’s Royal Rumble Match and a WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match back in January on an episode of Monday Night Raw.

“It’s a little bit of a change, but it’s pretty much the same kind of thing,” Bliss said of her adjusting on-air role. “We tell stories in the ring, out of the ring, and I’m able to do both now, which is nice. And it’s just more opportunity to be able to hone my craft and get better at what I do. A lot of times, in the stories that we tell a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to speak their character, they just have to portray it in the ring,” Bliss said. “So being able to advance the storylines with talk show (segments) for other characters, plus add another dimension to my character, is a great opportunity.”

Since January she’s worked a select few live events with her last match coming on March 9th against Natalya. According to Bliss, it all comes down to the situation depending on what story the company is trying to get across that day.

“I’ve been doing live events,” she said. “It just depends on how I’m being used on ‘Raw’ that day. One day I’ll have a match and one day I’ll have a ‘Moment of Bliss,’ it just depends on what helps what story get across.”


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