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Alexa Bliss reacts to fans saying she can’t wrestle

Alexa Bliss keeps racking up the accomplishment and proving her haters wrong but for some reason, there are still people out there who would love to discredit Little Miss Bliss whenever they can. Her win at Money In The Bank is still a Raw Women’s Title victory regardless of how it came about. After all, heels like Bliss are often the best people to win MITB briefcases because the idea of cashing in on an already beaten opponent is an underhanded move in all reality.

Biss isn’t letting what anyone says get to her at this point as she was quick to note that all the hate she’s receiving from people who say she can’t wrestle doesn’t seem to matter because she’s still a five-time WWE Women’s Champion.

So you can keep throwing your jabs at Alexa Bliss because she doesn’t seem to care whether she’s loved or hated. After all, WWE is still listing her as a champion and to her little else matters and it’s not hard to blame her for having that attitude.

Bliss was also quick to mention how it’s her job to be hated which is also a great point. She’s a heel and one of the best in the business at this point which is why WWE has crowned her with a championship five times already. So you can keep hating Bliss all you want because that just means she’s doing what they pay her to do.


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