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Alexa Bliss reflects on her history with multiple concussions

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Alexa Bliss recently did an interview with where she spoke about a wide range of pro wrestling related topics including her history of concussions.

Bliss suffered multiple concussions that forced her to deal with effects that caused her to miss time as an active in-ring performer last year.

These injuries led to her missing matches at Evolution, WrestleMania 35 and Money In the Bank. In this interview, Bliss praised WWE for setting her up with the best doctors possible.

“Once you have a concussion it’s easier to get re-concussed and I found that out very clearly. It the brain, it’s not like an ankle you can tape up and you know the time frame that it’s going to heal – the brain is a completely different thing. It is definitely something that I am more cautions of but WWE set me up with the best doctors possible, the best neurologists, physiologists and everyone basically had their hands in on my brain.

I feel a lot better now with the information and the education I was given when it comes to concussions because of what WWE provided for us and I feel a lot better about being in the ring and it makes me appreciate the time in the ring a lot more than maybe I did before.”


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