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Alexa Bliss takes a shot at Sasha Banks by mentioning recent WWE locker room story

The lines between fiction and reality were blurred on Sunday on Twitter when Alexa Bliss stepped outside of storylines to take a shot at Sasha Banks, who is currently on hiatus from WWE.

It started after a Twitter exchange between Bayley and Becky Lynch that was just hype for their match on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live. Lynch mentioned not wanting to hurt Bayley’s feelings.

Bayley responded, “Would love to. And I wouldn’t worry about “hurting my feelings”….especially over Twitter 🤦🏻‍♀️. Let’s just hope I don’t hurt your chances of retaining at MITB.”

Bayley’s line about “hurting my feelings” was apparently a response to Bliss briefly quitting Twitter.

Bliss got the reference and responded to Bayley without tagging her. Bliss wrote, “Haha ok make fun of me all you want. Like its something new for u guys. Go comfort your friend. I’ll save you guys a spot on the locker room floor.”

The tweet from Bliss was an obvious reference to what Ryan Satin heard from sources about Banks and Bayley laying on the locker room floor after their WrestleMania 35 match and at the hotel. The story goes that they were making it known that they were unhappy about losing the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Banks and Bayley were under the impression that they would have a longer title reign to add credibility to the new titles. That was apparently the plan at one point because WWE sent them to NXT in March and they promised to defend the titles on all three brands. Dave Meltzer reported that Banks was also unhappy when she was told that she was going to be split away from Bayley.

Banks was scheduled for the Women’s Money In The Bank match so it’s possible that this is setting the stage for her return but that seems unlikely. In fact, the word on Banks (as of a few days ago) is that she has no plans to return and WWE is willing to let her sit out for the rest of her contract if that is what she wants to do. At this point, the comment from Bliss just appears to be her way to take a shot at someone she dislikes in real life.

There’s been real-life heat between Banks and Bliss for several years dating back to their days in NXT. Click here if you want to read more on their personal issues.

Click here for the latest on the situation between Sasha Banks and WWE.


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