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All signs point to Daniel Bryan not returning to WWE



Daniel Bryan hasn’t been seen on WWE television since he was banished from SmackDown after losing to Universal Champion Roman Reigns a few months ago. This was done to write the former WWE Champion off television as his contract with the company was set to expire.

Up to this point, Bryan’s future in the pro wrestling business has remained to be a secret as no one seems to know aside from Bryan and his family whether he will make a return to WWE or go to another promotion. reported today that there has been no internal discussion about Bryan returning to WWE and he is not listed on the company's roster. Some people in WWE have taken that as an indication Bryan is signing or will sign eventually with AEW. However, there’s no confirmation Bryan is headed to All Elite Wrestling.

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The report stated Bryan is not part of a list of talent plans for licensing and merchandising for 2021-2022 that the company recently put together. The fan-favorite star is also not slated for any future Mattel action figure wave releases.