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Allison Danger is the guest this week on Renee Paquette's "The Sessions" podcast. Danger talked about being released from NXT as a trainer after only a few months of being there:

"It's my kids first day at this brand new school in Orlando. They've never rode a bus before. They’re nervous that they're going to get off in the wrong neighborhood. We were going to go out to have a special dinner to celebrate the very first day of new school.”

“My phone rings and 'Hey coach, where are you?' I said, 'I'm just grabbing my kid from the bus stop. Do you need me to come back to the ring? I can be back in 20.' They're like, 'No, we're calling with bad news.' I'm like, 'Is everything okay?' They go, 'We just got word that they're going to restructure the Performance Center, we have to let go of eight of you, and unfortunately, they're not going to let us continue with your contract.'”

“At that point, my kids are getting in the car. I feel bad for the person who called me because it was not his fault. It was just really bad timing. I'm glad the person who called me was the one that called me because I think the world of him and I respect him. I just froze.”

“I'm like, 'You have to get rid of eight coaches?' The next thing is, 'Is my brother (Steve Corino) safe? You have to tell me, are you going to fire my brother? Are you getting rid of him?' They said, 'No.' They're like, 'We're literally releasing you and you're asking us about Steve?' I'm like, 'What am I going to do? I can't negotiate anything. I just need to know if he's going to be okay.' That was my initial fear.”

“I get off the phone, I call my husband, and he goes, 'What's wrong?' I said, 'I just got released.' They said it wasn't my fault. There was nothing I did wrong. I literally got a text a couple days before that we were all doing great jobs and how happy they were with the current roster. I was told if they could bring me back, they would in a heartbeat, and to make sure that I knew it wasn't a reflection on me. It was a change from the higher ups. They're going to restructure, and that's that, and that's it.”

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“I was numb, then I cried, then I was numb, then I cried, and then I'm sitting there going, ‘What am I going to do now? Could you have not fired me a week before so I could have packed my kid up and moved them up with my husband?’ It's their first day of school. How do I rip my kid out of this?"

"My kid has gone through a pandemic where they didn't get to go to school, and didn't see their friends for two years. They finally get to go back to school and now, hey, we're moving to the east coast for sure. So now I'm ripping them out of school, and they get put online. They have to struggle with being online, home, in a new place in Florida. They have no friends. We have nothing showing off. Mom's working these hours and dad's working these hours. Finally, everything settled. Christmas got canceled because I got COVID from the December tryout. So our first Christmas all apart, my husband was making it down. Literally, he walked in a mask, we watched Kendall unwrap presents, and then he went straight to the airport and flew right back. I'm back to work in three days.”

“I feel like I got brought to Florida, and then left to die because now my family is split. We're struggling through that. I'm still now, five months out, I have nothing to show for it, and I still have no idea what I'm going to do. This has been a rock bottom year."

"He (her husband) is in South Carolina. He's doing his best, but now he's the breadwinner for two homes. That's not easy. That's a lot of pressure. He sees how much he misses his family because they're away. Now he sees the financial pressure of we're stuck in a lease, because I had just gotten this place that I'm in. So we're trapped in the lease. Now he's the breadwinner, he sees me going through hell, and he can't do anything. So that can't be great for him either. So it's just a rough spot for the whole family. He tries to be positive, but it's hard. It's really hard to be positive. But like my brother tells me, 'What do we believe in? We believe in hope.'"

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