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WATCH: American Alpha on NXT, being called up to main roster, their chemistry, more

American Alpha (Chad Gable and Jason Jordan) appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Wednesday to talk to Jonathan Coachman about WWE. A highlight reel segment of Monday’s RAW was shown.

Coachman asked them about the WWE Draft in July and being called up to the main roster from NXT. Jordan said that they thought they were going to get called up but when it finally happened it was serial, and they were in shock.

Coachman asked them about the differences between NXT and being on the main roster. Gable explained that they are more busier on the main roster because they are always on the road and working events while in NXT you only had a couple of shows a week. Gable noted that they are still getting to know the wrestlers in the SmackDown Live locker room. Jordan added that their routine has changed since being called up.

Coachman brought up that they were amateur wrestlers before joining WWE. When asked about the transition from amateur to pro wrestling, Gable said that the biggest difference is the crowd interaction, and that it took a long time to allow the fans to get into their heads while as an amateur they blocked out the fans. Jordan said that they feed off the fans when they chant for them.

Coachman asked about how they became a tag team. Jordan said that he went through a couple of partners while in NXT and that Gable kept pointing at him and wanted to be partners. Jordan wanted to choose his own partner but had enough and didn’t think there was another option other than Gable. Jordan noted that their chemistry is great and was blown away with Gable’s talent. Gable said that from the moment they started teaming up they had chemistry and when they started to travel together they just clicked even more.

Gable was part of the US Olympic Roman wrestling team in 2012 and Coachman asked him about his time in the Olympics. Gable said he didn’t win a medal, but it was an incredible moment for him. Gable said that everyone is happy to compete there and had his family was there to watch him wrestle.

Finally, Coachman asked how they came up with the name American Alpha. Gable said it was very competitive in NXT and that they knew that they were the best, so they came up with the name.

American Alpha thanked ESPN for having him on the show, and this wrapped up the segment.


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