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An AEW and NXT commercial ran back-to-back during WWE Raw on USA Network

Once again, there was an AEW commerical shown during WWE programming.

It was the standard commercial that they’ve been using for weeks but this time, it aired back-to-back with an NXT commercial. The AEW commercial was purchased locally through the cable operator and the NXT ad was a national spot aired by WWE. It’s not known if WWE is made aware of when local spots run on USA but it’s certainly possible that they do know and they may have timed the NXT commercial accordingly.

Last week, AEW beat NXT in the ratings but the next few weeks will be most interesting as we start to see how viewers settle in over time.

Check out the back-to-back AEW/NXT commercial below:

Last week’s NXT featured the return of Tommaso Ciampa and Finn Balor. AEW featured the debut of Jake Hager, aka Jack Swagger.


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