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WWE star Carmella debunked claims by some people on social media about a video that is going viral on Twitter. Carmella made it clear that the woman shown is not her and it's not her husband Corey Graves.

Apparently, some people are claiming that the man in the video has a tattoo that Graves has. The only problem with that is that the tattoo was digitally added and does not match the original version of the video that was posted elsewhere.

Carmella tweeted:

"Y’all really wanna see me fail, huh??
Photoshop is on another level these days… 🙄
She cute, but she ain’t me."

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She also tweeted, "ITS PHOTOSHOP!!! Do some research and you’ll find the ORIGINAL. Stop tweeting about things that you know nothing about. You’re out here trying to ruin peoples lives and careers. It’s disgusting."