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An NWO reunion in the works?



Fans on social media have been speculating on some sort of NWO reunion in the works. The speculation started after Hulk Hogan began posting videos online that included NWO graphics. As you can see below, he has also grown out his beard and it looks like there is something to these rumors because Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were spotted outside of Hogan's Beach Shop on Thursday and Hogan's beard is black, just like it was during the peak of the NWO. Scroll down further to see the photos from Thursday.'s Raj Girl received a tip from a fan that saw cameras filming something with Hogan, Hall, and Nash but it's not clear if they were WWE cameras because they closed the store down for a few hours.

This could be for an independent project or, perhaps, a documentary for the WWE Network. If WWE cameras were there then it would indicate that some sort of deal has been worked out with Hogan. When Hogan was reinstated into the Hall Of Fame last month, WWE stated that Hogan had not signed a new deal.

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