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An undercard WWE star is getting a big push because of Paul Heyman



There's a lot that still needs to be improved on WWE Monday Night Raw but there is no denying that the shows have gotten better since Paul Heyman took over as the Executive Director of the brand.

Guys like Ricochet and Bobby Roode are getting a bigger push and Heyman seems to be careful not to burn through the same matches every week.

Another name that is getting a push these days is Cedric Alexander. He was part of the main event last week and he's one of the guys Heyman likes.

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Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Alexander is one of the wrestlers "Paul Heyman wants to give a slow push to the top rung."

The 30-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina was signed in 2016 after the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic. Triple H made the call to sign him after fans chanted "please sign Cedric."

The feeling amongst many fans was that he could be pushed near the top of the card on the main roster but that wasn't what ended up happening. Up until recently, he's been an afterthought on 205 Live for most of his time with the company.

Alexander will challenge AJ Styles for the United States Championship on Sunday at Clash of Champions. Win or lose, it looks like Heyman's plan to slow push Alexander is working because fans seem to be interested in seeing Alexander in the ring with top guys like Styles.

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