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An unlikely WWE star is getting a push because Vince McMahon likes him

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Baron Corbin defeated Chad Gable to become the new WWE King of the Ring.

Corbin’s win was expected by many since he’s a guy Vince McMahon likes and quite frankly, Corbin has stepped up his in-ring game in recent months and seems to be finding his stride.

Chad Gable being in the finals was a surprise because WWE hasn’t done much with him since his days in NXT and in recent weeks it looked like he was getting slotted in a storyline with Shelton Benjamin as Shorty B. WWE registered for the “Shorty B” trademark a few months ago for Gable.

However, it looks like Gable could be getting a push because Vince McMahon likes him.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that although Gable is being presented as an undercard babyface, McMahon considers what they’ve done lately with Gable as a push for him.

McMahon is said to really like Gable and he appreciates him. Others have gotten start-and-stop pushes but McMahon wasn’t a fan of them. Apparently, things will be different for Gable.

On Tuesday night during Baron Corbin’s King of the Ring coronation ceremony, Corbin did short jokes about Gable and Gable stood there as Corbin kept insulting him. Gable finally took him down and broke the scepter over Corbin and then tore his robe and destroyed the crown. McMahon felt that this segment helped Gable and it looks like the Gable vs. Corbin feud will continue.

Hopefully, this means we’ll see Gable featured in more prominent segments in the coming weeks and months.

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