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An update on the Chelsea Green-WWE rumors

Chelsea Green

IPW: UK has announced that Chelsea Green will not be able to make it to their "Fight! For Your Right" show on Sunday, July 22nd. The promotion said that she had to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances that will become clear in the next couple of weeks.

Here is the full statement on Twitter: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, which will become clearer in the next couple of weeks, @ImChelseaGreen is unable to make her scheduled trip to the UK for @chaos_wrestling & IPW.

We are working hard on a replacement however Chelsea sends her deepest apologies at this time."

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Their statement led fans to speculate on her possibly signing a WWE deal. Actually, she didn't sign a WWE contract and she is still accepting independent bookings for August and September. The Mae Young Classic tapings take place next month so that has no bearing on the July 22nd show. Green was seen recently at the WWE Performance Center and people there had good things to say about her tryout.

We were told by a source that the only reason why she could not go to the UK is that her lawyer filed her visa paperwork a week late. If she leaves the country then she would not be able to return until the paperwork is filed. She hoped to make it to the show and the assumption was that the paperwork would have been completed on time so that is why she canceled at the last minute. We were told that she has not signed a full-time contract with WWE and no contract has been signed for the Mae Young Classic.