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Andrade says he decided to leave WWE after a talk with Randy Orton, details issues with WWE and Charlotte Flair



Among the many noteworthy items from Andrade's interview with Lucha Libre Online was a note about WWE allegedly calling Charlotte Flair back to work before she was physically able to.

Andrade said, "She spent 6 months out of action and every week, they would tell her that she needs to return to Raw. She wasn't ready from the operation she had. They would call her every week and she would say, 'no, I'm not ready..." Andrade said that there were problems with her teeth and another problem with an operation she had.

Andrade said that when she returned, and ideas were pitched for WrestleMania but those plans changed.

Andrade noted that when he returned backstage in February, the wrestlers were great to him. He mentioned people like Randy Orton, Sheamus, Cesaro, and Drew McIntyre as guys who were baffled that he wasn't being used. He also said that producers would say the same thing and the feeling was that something was not right.

He talked about how people talk about not speaking English being used as an issue but wrestlers like Brock Lesnar had someone to speak for him even though he spoke English and Garza speaks English. He also noted that guys like Ricochet and Aleister Black are amazing and are not used and they speak English. Later in the interview, he noted that Kalisto is another guy who speaks English and is not being used.

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Andrade put over Drew McIntyre and said he was happy to put over Drew as a monster. Andrade then said that when Randy Orton talked to him about not being used, that was when he made the decision to ask for his release.

Andrade said that he spoke with Epico in Orlando and Epico joked that Andrade is "you're like the Colons, you're always hurt." Andrade said that the wrestlers in WWE talk about "just catering" when asked what they did today. That applies to many wrestlers who are barely being used.

The four months off helped to revitalized him becuase he has been on the road since he was 13 years old and 4 months is the longest time he has had off.

Other notes:

- Andrade is taking bookings
- He will launch a Pro Wrestling Tees store soon.
- Charlotte has a lot of offers outside of wrestling.
- He says Vince McMahon was respectful but he was not one of the guys who would go to knock on Vince's door every week.
- He thanked WWE for the money he made wtih them and the fame he got by working there.
- He and Charlotte were supposed to get married last October but plans were delayed because of the pandemic.

We will have more notes up from the interview shortly. Click here for more notes from the interview.