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Angelina Love talks about the bond she had with Road Warrior Animal



Kevin Eck welcomes Angelina Love as his guest this week on the "ROH Strong" podcast.

Angelina Love talked about the bond she had with Road Warrior Animal: “Joe never stopped working. I had seen him at numerous appearances like conventions and comic cons. I think the first time I met him was in 2008 at the NWA Legends FanFest. I’m currently in St. Louis. He had moved here because his son played for the Rams when they were here. He has a daughter and grandchildren who live in this area. They actually live 25 minutes away. Kim, his wife, was in the same situation as me. She came here for Joe. I came here for my ex. We are both not from here. We don’t love it here. We were able to bond and sometimes I would work for Ring of Honor and do shows and I needed help caring for my son. Kim said she would help me. What I found to be really amazing is young children and animals, they know a certain vibe and energy that we as adults don’t have that heightened sense of awareness to see or feel. That was so immediately obvious to me how David (Angelina’s son) took to Kim and Joe. It was an immediate sense of family. It was an immediate sense of grandparents. The second David met Joe he felt his energy and was playing with him. He was like a human jungle gym. He was calling him Joey. Kim and Joe thought that was the funniest thing because nobody ever called Joe, Joey. It means so much for them to give my son and I the family here that we don’t have. They took such good care of him.”

Love also talked about her years in WWE developmental and TNA, winning the Knockouts Championship in a match where she was legitimately knocked out, her ROH debut in 2004 and returning 15 years later at Madison Square Garden. She also talked about working with Mandy Leon, her feud with Quinn McKay and much more.

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