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AEW's Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, and Paul Wight made appearances via video on this week's WWE Monday Night Raw to help celebrate John Cena's 20 years in WWE as he made his main roster in-ring debut in 2002 on an episode of SmackDown against Kurt Angle.

Danielson was billed as Daniel Bryan and Paul Wight as Big Show. As reported by Fightful, the situation was straightforward in making it happen as the idea was pitched and greenlit within WWE, so the company contacted AEW President Tony Khan to see if he'd be okay with it he was.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported additional details on the situation.

WWE's Bruce Prichard reached out to Khan to make this happen. WWE also wanted Mark Henry to do a video. Khan thought they were doing a good thing, and he and everyone have a lot of respect for Cena.

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Khan said he was fine with it, but it was up to the talent if they wanted to do the videos. Megha Parekh of AEW contacted the wrestlers and informed them of the idea.

All of the former WWE stars agreed to submit videos for the show. Henry's video did not make air, however.