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Another former WWE Superstar is returning for Crown Jewel (updated)



UPDATE:Hogan has been removed.

ORIGINAL: For weeks, there have been rumors about Hulk Hogan being added to the Crown Jewel event. Hogan confirmed those rumors last week when he told the Orlando Sentinel that he was flying out for the event.

Hogan has been quietly added to the Crown Jewel events page on so that confirms that he will have some sort of role on the show. We don't know what he will be doing on the show but WWE sources have told us that he is unlikely to ever wrestle a full-match again due to his back issues.

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Hogan was requested for the Greatest Royal Rumble show in April but a deal was not possible at that time. It is clear that WWE wanted to avoid more negative publicity and that is why Hogan's name was never mentioned on TV leading up to Friday's show.

WWE Crown Jewel will air at 12 pm eastern from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the WWE Network.

Click here for the updated card.