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Since taking over creative for WWE, Triple H has brought back several former wrestlers and those who were part of his team when he was running NXT.

Gabe Sapolsky is the latest name to be brought back to the company. reported today that he is back with WWE and will be working on creative, but it’s unclear whether it is for the main roster or a return to WWE NXT.

Sapolsky was one of many names working under Triple H as part of his team in NXT that was let go by the company this past January. Other names that were part of the team to be let go and ultimately brought back include Ryan Katz and Road Dogg.

Sapolsky started in the wrestling business by publishing ECW’s program and eventually becoming Paul Heyman's assistant.

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Sapolsky was the first booker for Ring of Honor before founding Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE. While the head of EVOLVE, he built it up to a top independent wrestling promotion and a training ground for NXT. WWE later bought EVOLVE and Sapolsky went to work as a consultant for the NXT brand.

Before his WWE exit, he had been working on the creative side and producing segments.