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Another report about WWE allegedly pushing anti-AEW stories to mainstream media outlets

There appears to be smoke to the story reported on by Dave Meltzer, Voice of Wrestling, and David Bixenspan about WWE pushing anti-AEW stories to mainstream media outlets.

During a Q&A on PWInsider, Mike Johnson was asked if the story being reported about WWE pushing the pizza cutter/Domino’s Pizza story to media outlets is true. Specifically, the claims are that WWE has been trying to get the word out that Domino’s Pizza is unhappy about Nick Gage using a pizza cutter before their commercial aired on TNT.

Johnson said that while there is no way to know if the claims are 100 percent true, he has also heard about similar stories floating around and this was before what was reported on Friday.

On Thursday’s investor conference call, when Vince McMahon tried to downplay AEW as legit competition, his words caused some eye rolls because some of the actions they’ve taken in the last couple of years indicate the opposite of what he said. WWE signed several names to big contracts in the last couple of years in order to keep them away from AEW and some wrestlers have gone on record to say that they got bigger deals specifically because AEW existed.

Johnson said that there are executives in WWE that have never liked that AEW “takes shots” at them, dating back to when Cody Rhodes smashed a throne (a reference to Triple H) at the first Double Or Nothing pay-per-view.

Johnson added that on the same day that McMahon commented on AEW not being competition, some in WWE were pointing out the Domino’s Pizza story to see if others would write about it.

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