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Another sign that things are not good with Steve Austin and WWE

We noted on Friday that Steve Austin decided not to go to WrestleMania this weekend and there were reports that there was something planned for him on the show. Apparently there was an issue with Vince McMahon and Austin.

WWE announced during WrestleMania that Chris Jericho will be doing his live podcast on the WWE Network and will be interviewing John Cena a week from now (April 6th) so it looks like the reports of friction between Austin and McMahon are true because the podcast deal was originally for Austin. Austin had interviewed Vince McMahon and Triple H on the WWE Network on live podcast specials.

It should be noted that Austin was not plugging WWE, WrestleMania, or the WWE Network at all this weekend on his twitter account and was not making any refrences to WrestleMania during the show. Austin still keeps up with the product so that can be taken as a sign too. He did plug WrestleMania on his podcast but oftentimes he records the podcasts weeks in advance.

UPDATE: I was told that the issue happened in the last couple of days after he taped his WrestleMania podcast.

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