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Another WWE star may be getting repackaged with a new name and gimmick



A vignette aired tonight on WWE NXT 2.0 of someone named Giovanni Vinci. WWE recently trademarked that name and it looks like this person will be showing up soon.

The vignette included a video shot in Venice, Italy and shots of a well dressed man, with a focus on his fashion sense. His face was never shown so it's supposed to be a mystery but there is a lot of speculation that this is actually a former NXT Tag Team Champion.

Fabian Aichner, who hasn't been seen in many weeks since Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser moved up to the main roster, is the person who is likely being repackaged as Giovanni Vinci. Aichner was born in Italy and there's been talk of dropping the Imperium aspects of his gimmick.

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This would be the latest out of many gimmick/name changes in recent months. Several weeks ago, Vince McMahon made a rule to change the names of wrestlers who are using their real name or using names that they had on the independent scene because McMahon wants WWE to have full ownership over the name.