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Another WWE star undergoing surgery



Best wishes to Dustin Runnels (aka Goldust) as he noted on Twitter that he is in Birmingham, Alabama so he could undergo surgery.

He said the following on Twitter: "I regret not a thing as I have done it all. My family on the road at work has been incredible and are exceeding their talents daily. They all are true superstars and family with a bright future. Remember, be patient and humble. Your time will come! #OutlastThemAll #Keepsreppin"

He also noted that he has been working while hurt but he needed to get this surgery because his "knees needed it."

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There's no word on how long he will be out of action. Although he is not featured regularly on TV, Goldust usually works on the live events. The last match he worked was in mid-June. He had been teaming with Chad Gable and Zack Ryder in matches against Curt Hawkins, Mike Kanellis, and Mojo Rawley.