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Apollo Crews talks winning his first Championship in WWE

WWE Superstar Apollo Crews recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump. Crews was appearing on the WWE Network show to celebrate winning the United States Championship on this past week’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

The United States Championship is the first title of any kind that Apollo has won in WWE. The former Uhaa Nation made his debut on WWE television way back in May of 2015, appearing to sign an NXT contract in a segment with NXT General Manager William Regal. Since then Crews has been largely utilized as a bit part player, both on NXT and the ‘main roster’ shows on SmackDown and RAW.

“It’s a, it’s a greater feeling than even then I actually expected,” Apollo Crews began on The Bump, describing the feeling of beating Andrade for the title earlier this week. “You know it didn’t really hit me till I was in bed Tuesday night and I’m like ‘okay my adrenaline is pumping I can’t go to sleep you know?'”

Crews would then say how he finally felt the weight of the win after he re-watched the match with Andrade back. “And I’m just kind of sitting there and I’ll just say, it really, really truly hit me all in one moment. I took a second to say to myself ‘is really hitting me?’ It hit me, but it didn’t REALLY hit me right after the match. But when I got a  chance to settle in and I got to watch the match back? It really truly sunk in and it was a great feeling.”

With the lack of real ‘push’ for Apollo Crews during his WWE tenure, it will be interesting to see how this title reign unfolds. WWE have in the past hot-shotted a title change to try and build some buzz for their programming, and with the ratings continuing to fall this might be another attempt to pop a few extra eyeballs for a rating. Will Crews continue to be pushed at this level? That remains to be seen.

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