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Apparently the classic Bullet Club logo is being retired

This is interesting timing especially considering how many pieces of merchandise are currently sitting on the shelves of Hot Topic stores all over the country. But apparently, even though they’re fine it’s time for a change in the Bullet Club.

In a surprising announcement, Cody Rhodes took to Twitter and announced that the classic Bullet Club logo was about to be changed. The new logo is said to debut sometime next week but there could be some questions about that from fellow BC members and fans alike.

Nick Jackson promptly told Cody to check his DMs and plenty of fans are voicing their frustration at the idea of Bullet Club changing their logo. After all, a lot of fans own clothing with that logo on it.

Only time will tell where this leads in the Bullet Club saga, hopefully, they’re still fine. But when you’re talking about these guys you never know what they could have in store, especially when they have a goal like All In.

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