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Arn Anderson explains why Fandango’s dance partner disappeared from WWE TV

This week’s episode of the “ARN” podcast with Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson was an “Ask Arn Anything” episode.

Arn talks about everything from his own in-ring wrestling career, his work behind-the-scenes at WWE and AEW and his thoughts on some of today’s wrestlers.

Here are some highlights:

Arn cleared up misconceptions about his job in AEW and if he helped as a coach or an agent in AEW:  “No, I have not. It is Billy Gunn. Dustin Rhodes is heavily involved in the structuring of matches and the booking of matches. Jerry Lynn is another one of the coaches. I think probably Chris Daniels does a lot of that because he’s such a veteran. He has been around a long time. Those are the guys and I hope I’m not leaving anybody out. Oh yea, of course, Billy Gunn, right at the top of the list. Those are the guys who do a lot of hands on nuts and bolts organization and coaching guys up. I know Dustin is a big proponent of the women’s division. He really helps out quite a bit. Billy Gunn, of course, guys are going to ask his opinion because he has been there, done that and has been a huge part of the business. Jerry Lynn is a very knowledgeable guy and a quality human being. QT Marshall has a lot to do with the office organization stuff. I think it all plays into being guys with experience and they are helping the AEW machine. All I am, make no mistake folks, is Cody Rhodes’ coach. I have nothing to do with anything else and that’s the way I want it and that’s the way he wants it. I think that’s the way Tony Khan wants it right now. I’ve done that and been there for a long, long time. I just want to rely on my ability to add what I add to the show and let that be the extent of my responsibilities. Being a talent would have been my first choice for my entire career. It just so happened that I was lucky enough to have some ability as far as coaching and helping guys and I had organizational skills. The nuts and bolts of the business, I have a pretty good grasp on. But if it would have been up to me, I would have wrestled my whole career and then retired and that would be all we talk about on this podcast. Right now, I’ve enjoyed just going back and just being a talent and that’s it.”

Arn gave his thoughts on Fandango and talked about what happened to the dance partner he had in WWE: “To this day, he is a good friend of mine. He is a good guy. He is a great performer. He has a good physique.  When he’s in shape, he looks incredible. I remember the dance partner with Fandango like it was yesterday. He’s not a dancer. He had to learn on top of everything else he brought to the table. He had to learn how to dance enough to at least make it entertaining which he did, which means he put the extra effort in. He had a dance partner, the first young lady they arrived on, not the first to try out. We had a bunch of tryouts at TV for local dancers to come in and they finally found one that really gelled and it was excellent. But, her boyfriend got a smell of what was going on and looked around at all those wolves at television and all the talent that was sniffing around his girlfriend and he made her quit. Smart move on his part. I don’t know if they are still together but if they are, he made a really smart move and they never did find anyone that cliqued as well as she did after that.”

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