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Arn Anderson gives a surprising take on the Damien Mizdow character and why WWE didn’t do more with him

On the latest episode of the “ARN” podcast, Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson discuss Survivor Series 2014. The episode also covers many of the news stories surrounding that event, including the news leading up to Sting’s debut in WWE.

2014 was the year when Damien Mizdow broke out and got over with the fans. The gimmick was that he was mimicking everything The Miz was doing in and out of the ring. Anderson noted that the idea for the gimmick was not for Mizdow to get over and he was meant to be there to help The Miz. However, fans loved Mizdow so much and he was one of the hottest things on WWE TV for several months before they cooled off on him. He was eventually released in 2016.

Conrad Thompson said he liked the Mizdow gimmick and surprisingly, Arn liked it too. He said, “I’m gonna trip you up this time. I loved it. Absolutely loved it.”

Arn had a lot of praise for the man who played the gimmick. He said, “Mizdow should have went to the next level. That’s what I think. Because he did get over and was it not intended. It was intended to help Miz get over but the guy did such an incredible job with it, it got over. Everywhere he went, the guy’s having a match with himself on the floor while there’s another match going on. It was artistically beautiful. The guy should have got a shove and it’s another one of those guys like Swagger. You could probably put Ryback in that same sentence [as] guys that caught the attention of the audience and then suddenly the water was cut off. Because it wasn’t part of the grand scheme or the grand plan of the ‘office’.”

Other topics discussed on this podcast: Adam Rose and The Rabbit, Sting, the Survivor Series 2014 card, why Cesaro didn’t get a bigger push, Bray Wyatt, the backstage issue that led to Alberto Del Rio’s departure, and more.

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