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Arn Anderson gives high praise to Luke Harper


The latest episode of ARN with Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson is available now on every major podcasting app.

This week they did a Q&A show on every topic imaginable from Anderson's days in the NWA/WCW, WWE and AEW. At one point, Anderson talks about WWE Superstar Luke Harper, who is expected to leave the company in a few months when his contract expires. Anderson had a lot of good things to say about Harper. Anderson worked a producer/agent for WWE for many years so he knows Harper pretty well.

"I've watched Luke since the very beginning times in WWE," Anderson said. "I saw him from a performers standpoint go from a monster with the Wyatts that no one could get off of his feet no matter what you did and he made matches exciting [while] not getting bounced around. To the smaller of the Wyatt group between him and Rowan and being that guy that did get his ass kicked a little bit because you gotta have guys creating excitement bell to bell. In the range of his ability to make all those thing happen and he lost some weight and he leaned up and the guy moves like a cat out there and his thought process for the other three guys that are in the tag match, which is what a pro does [and what] a top heel does..."

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Anderson continued, "I doubt very seriously if anybody could show me a match that Luke Harper was in that they say 'that wasn't very good.' He's just that good and he's just that valuable. And the guy is intelligent and the guy could talk and to be honest with you, if I had my options of where to put that guy right now and what his character would be, Luke Harper would become the Unabomber. I say that in a fictitious sense. I can see that guy sitting in the third floor of an old house with just a single lightbulb hanging above his head as the camera zooms head [and] you see he's on the computer."

Anderson continued with his idea for Harper. He added, "there's a character just sitting there waiting for somebody to groom and manufacture and turn into a prize and a very valuable piece of the company. I hope somebody sees it, spots it, recognizes it and makes it happen because the guy has got the goods."

Sadly, it doesn't look like Harper will get a chance to shine in WWE but perhaps, he will get a renewed push elsewhere if he leaves WWE in a few months when his contract expires.

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