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Arn Anderson on what was wrong with John Cena vs. Kevin Owens in 2015, why Ryback didn’t work out in WWE, Summer Rae’s injury

This week’s episode of The ARN Show covers the 2015 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Arn discussed all of the news surrounding that show.

Here are some of the highlights:

Arn talking about Summer Rae: “I think she had a really bad injury to her back, which was worse than anybody knew. She never really got started and got rolling. They tried a couple things with her, but I think the injury was serious and she was out a year or so. This makes you question if it is the right thing to do. I didn’t really know her that well because Fit called the lady matches. But I don’t remember him or anybody saying she was a pain in the ass. I guess she did her very best.”

Arn talking about Kevin Owens debut on the main roster as NXT champion vs John Cena: “There were some god awful huge moves during this match which the fans have grown accustomed to. I think Kevin Owens is deceptively strong for a guy his size and body structure, I mean deceptively strong. I got to see that for the first time in this match. Where I think where they went south, and I’m glad it was such an awesome viewing experience ultimately for the fans who spent their hard-earned money to get it. This match did let them know they were going to go all out for the fans to give them a 18 car car-crash. But, to have John have Kevin Owens do his own finish to him, kick out of it, but still, hit his own move on him and vice versa, have a pop-up powerbomb which was his finish for the very first time and have Cena kick out, and remember this is the very first time we are seeing Kevin Owens, For them to throw away all these bumps, and when you get in that pattern and that habit, where you hit your finish on me, I’ll hit mine on you, well, wouldn’t you know the counter. Wouldn’t you have a way of getting out of that? Just the fact that it was an attempt at doing your own finish on you and the other guy counters out of it, that’s great storytelling. But, ultimately, there was a bump that stood as the move of the match. There is no reason that shouldn’t have been a finish. There is no reason Kevin should have been able to pick John up because he doesn’t look like he is that strong, no offense Kevin. I’m just telling you the things you perform are awesome. For John to kick out of that and put Kevin over is fine if you’re going to listen to the audience throughout this thing, Kevin Owens became a star that night. In my humble opinion, if you don’t listen, no matter what you have booked or written down for the next three weeks, if you see that, and you see the audience react to that, don’t you switch those plans to hey, here is my new babyface?

Fan question: What is the more brutal structure, Elimination Chamber or War Games: “I didn’t get a chance to work in the Elimination Chamber but I did work the War Games. I would say from walking around in there, watching talent and listening to talent, probably the more brutal and the more unforgiving was probably Elimination Chamber.”

Arn talking about Ryback: “I think Ryback got the look and first consideration because of his body, but then guys saw he could move and do some stuff and get around that ring. I do think, to his downfall, when you have an opinion and you believe in yourself, that’s great as long as the guy sitting in the big chair believes in you too. But if you have a belief in yourself, and you have an opinion about yourself, and it is contrary to what is being thrown at you from creative, that is not received very well. That might have been the ditch that he fell in which was his demise.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit ARN (Arn Anderson’s podcast) with a h/t to for the transcription


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