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Arn Anderson on what Shane McMahon said to him backstage at the last WCW Monday Nitro

This week marked the 20th anniversary of the closing of WCW. On the latest episode of “ARN,” Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson covered the final days of WCW, and more specifically the final episode of Monday Nitro.

Here is what Arn said about the last day of Nitro:

“I was anxious, a little bit, when I found out that those representatives from WWE were coming to TV until I found out who it was…When I saw Bruce, I think it was Bruce and Brisco and Shane. When they walked in the door, it became crystal clear to me. I knew that when I wrestled for Vince (in 1989), when I left, I mean working a 90-day notice is about as good as you could possibly do in those days. That’s a lot of time.  If they chose to, they could beat you every week on TV and you walked out the door useless to the rest of the world. There were ways if they wanted to do it. But I left the right way. I knew that.

There was a time when I was going through the Charlotte airport. I don’t remember exactly what year or anything like that, but I passed Vince, who, for some reason, was flying commercial, and Shane. I was walking through the airport. I got smacked in the back. I looked around and it was Shane and Vince. They said, ‘How’s everything going? Where are you heading? I’m happy for your success. You look great. It’s good to see you.’ It was one of those situations that I’m sure they could have just kept walking. I would have never seen them. So, I had that conversation in my belt and I also had a very good relationship, which I thought with Bruce and with Shane.

As a matter of fact, when Shane was learning all the aspects of the business per his dad, he actually refereed a match, a couple of matches and Tully and I had those matches. I’m sure it was because his dad knew that we would take care of him, not bury him, do all the right things, and teach him something.  That was in my toolbelt too. When we got there (backstage at the last Nitro) and saw all those guys, Shane walked right up to me, smiling big, and I shook his hand. ‘Good to see ya. See ya soon’ and looked me right in the eye. That kind of gave me confirmation that I was going to survive this in some capacity which made me feel much better about the day. I could relax. That’s all he said.”

Arn also talks about the state of WCW during that time period, what the feeling was among the wrestlers, how everyone reacted when they saw Shane McMahon backstage, Jeff Jarrett’s public firing, Booker T winning the WCW Championship and a lot more.

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