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Arn Anderson on when Vince McMahon ‘soured’ on him

AEW on-air talent Arn Anderson recently discussed his relationship with Arn Anderson on this week’s episode of the ARN podcast. The show this week focused on Extreme Rules in 2010, and co-host Conrad Thompson asked Arn if it was around this time that he and Vince McMahon’s relationship began to sour.

“I was getting blamed for things that that were out of my control”

“No, I don’t think so” Arn began. “Now, I’m gonna say, I want to back out about five years? When I really started to notice it was about five years out from you know around 2015. I was getting blamed for things that that were out of my control. I was getting blamed for stuff that myself and four top talent, or five top talent like in a tag match…”

“They were getting over strong”

Anderson would then discuss a specific experience that he had during the Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt tag team run. “Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt are partners. And they were getting over, if you remember that time? They were getting over strong. And of course you had the other Wyatts on the floor [at ringside]. I mean this was one of those combinations that you were like ‘my god these guys may win the tag titles and never lose them, ever.’ We do stuff that we knew was good heat. During the match we would lay some stuff out and we would do some clever stuff using the guys on the floor. And then we would come back and just get chewed out for it.”

Anderson would finish by saying that he had no idea why Vince McMahon would complain about certain aspects of a match. “And no one could figure out what we getting chewed out for. You know his opinion, he would say ‘guys that’s babyface stuff.’ Let me get this right. You get into a scenario where you bail out to the floor and a babyface is chasing you. Your partner distracts the ref and the guy on the floor kicks his head off. Behind the referees back on the floor! And that’s a baby face thing!?”

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