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Arn Anderson on why Nexus was cut off so quickly after their interaction with John Cena



On the latest episode of "ARN," Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson discuss the WWE Fatal Four Way pay-per-view from 2010 and all of the news items surrounding that show.

Here are some highlights:

Arn’s opinion of Fatal Four Way Matches: “I was never in one. I’m not a fan of having four in one night as you can imagine. If done properly, and there is only one that night, they can be exciting, but four of anything is just too much.

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Arn talking about the psychology of a Fatal Four: “On a Fatal Four Way, technically there are no count out and no DQ. Ok, number 1, if all four guys are fighting at once, which two are you going to watch. Immediately your attention is split. If you have two sets of guys that are fighting on opposite sides of the ring, the attention span is split. If technically there are no count outs, then a guy can lay out there for what seems like an eternity and everybody on that side of the arena are screaming get up, get up, get up. If you are one of those guys laying there, that feels terrible as a talent. So if there is no DQ, common sense prevailing, what would prevent a guy from sliding under the ring right out the shoot and grabbing a chair and go to work. Nothing. What would stop a guy from reaching under there and grabbing a wrench and go to work. Nothing. So, it’s supposed to be that we as creative have to make sure that we don’t push that envelope and hopefully, the audience is not sitting there saying this is legal, this is not. Technically, it can turn into a TLC match. If you're sitting there and you are really in tune to the product, you're wondering, why don’t they? So, you can do all those things in the first match, but what do you do for the next three? What you have to do is compare notes, sit down with the other producers and make sure you are not doing two of the same thing and all the matches look different. That takes quite a bit of work if you're talking about getting four sets of talent all together during the day and comparing notes and getting those guys in the other matches to stick to their word and not doing anything extra.”

On the NXT Invasion: “The idea was, because these were kids from the school, and at that point in time, it was considered the school, it was not a strong brand with television that was kicking ass every week. It was the school. These guys were all young go-getters and talented in their own way. The idea is if they combine forces and you have Wade Barrett doing the talking, that is as formidable a force as you have in the entire company. Those kids were all very good. This is one of those ideas that I thought was excellent but got cut off too short, as usual, Rather than letting them go on a tirade for months and pile as much heat, and you will know when it’s time to give something back to the good guys, but pile as much heat as much as you can possibly pile on those guys. If you counted them, there were eight. They were good looking young studs. They should have been able to slaughter anybody at any time. You're talking about an invasion. That’s enough guys to have an invasion. When you immediately put them with Cena, you're going to have to give something back to Cena before too long because that’s the way of the world. They should have gone somewhere besides Cena first. When you see that you have something, let’s sit down and see what we have for these guys and think our way through this and see how much mileage we can get out of these guys. If they would have got red hot, they could have attacked heels and babyfaces. That’s a what if? I personally thought it was a great gimmick that got cut off too quickly.”

Arn talking about Daniel Bryan getting fired for choking Justin Roberts in the NXT angle: “In my opinion, those guys were given carte blanche to destroy everybody and everything including the ring. I’m sure these guys, and Daniel Bryan included, were told to go out there and get yourself over. Be a vicious prick. At that time, and to this day, there is no such thing as choking and we know why. It went down. The guy in the big chair saw it and probably went ape sh*t. It was clear, not even grabbing a guy with one hand by the throat, was allowed. I think the firing was a shoot. The only reason Daniel Bryan was brought back was because it was such a lousy thing to do. For him to be held responsible and lose his job when nobody told him not to do it, most guys were not even aware that the rule existed. They were all told but it was not something that was right in their prefrontal lobe every minute of every match. I think the only reason Daniel Bryan was brought back was because of the groundswell of the audience that was pulling for him. They knew he got screwed and they wanted him back. That’s the reason he came back, and the only reason.

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