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Arn Anderson says it was a ‘horrible crime’ for WWE to book Bray Wyatt to lose seven PPV matches in 2015

This week on the “ARN” podcast, Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson discuss the WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 pay-per-view.

That show took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and featured Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker in the cell. The show also had Seth Rollins vs. Kane for the WWE Championship, Charlotte Flair vs. Nikki Bella, Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt inside the cell and Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena.

Arn and Conrad covered all of the matches and the big wrestling news stories from around that time.

Arn talked about Bray Wyatt losing on seven PPV’s around 2015: “I always thought that Bray Wyatt who had the most creative of characters that he came up with was a part of him deep down that lived in him and that’s the reason why he was able to pull it off. It wasn’t him playing a character. It was just a sliver of the real him amped up and that’s always the characters that gets over. I feel he had a firm grip on it. He was a big physical guy but you have to win the big ones. You have to win the PPVs. Whoever’s bright idea it was because this character is over and he’s doing a good job and he’s a heel so we can beat him every PPV, no you can’t. You should have been shoving him every PPV and having that guy waiting at the end of the rainbow, if it was going to be a Roman Reigns to pay it off with. But, you have to go back and look at those records and I know he went like 0-6 or 0-8 at some point, something ridiculous. But you have to win. You have to win the big one. You can go back and pull every one of those matches when he started that losing streak and get some cutaways to the audience and get some reactions from the audience during the body of the match and then get their reaction when the finish went down. Each time he got beat, it was diminished and it went down and it wasn’t a big victory. When beating Bray Wyatt is not a big victory for one of our babyfaces, you have to sit back in your chair and go, damn, I didn’t think it was possible, but they killed this guy off. You talk about a horrible crime. Here is a 300 plus pound guy that can move like that, with a gimmick like that, and his entertainment, and just a creepy, scary crew around him, Big Red and Harper. You’re telling me with 3 guys in that zip code that you couldn’t figure out a way to not beat Bray that many times?  You have monsters running around everywhere.  If that continues to be the reason why he continues to not get beat and they leave people laying instead of beating Bray, you might have some hot heels.”

You can listen to the latest ARN show by clicking on the video player below.

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