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Arn Anderson says WWE never had a plan for the anonymous GM angle, Hell in a Cell concept has been overexposed

The latest episode of “ARN” with Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson covers the 2010 WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

Arn talks about the main event between Kane and The Undertaker for the World Title inside the cell, John Cena vs. Wade Barrett with the future of Nexus at stake, Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for the WWE Championship inside the cell and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Arn gave his opinion on Hell in the Cell:  “Number one, if you are going to go to Hell in the Cell, my concept as a fan, it means you have exhausted every other opportunity or everything available to you to resolve whatever angle you’re in.  There is nothing left but Hell in the Cell.  Ok, you guys have done everything humanly possible to each other.  There is no other way to settle this but Hell in the Cell.  When Mick Foley went through the table, that set the standard for what people imagined Hell in the Cell could or should be.  That night, there’s nowhere else to go.  When these angles, when you put them in Hell in the Cell and you want to reap the benefits of just those words, Hell in the Cell, it better be a violent and gory match that you won’t see until the next Hell in the Cell, which hopefully will be at least a year or more later.  When it is just two guys having a match in a cage match, Hell in the Cell is not a driving or selling point.”

Arn talked about the anonymous General Manager in 2010:  “I hated it.  I think it was when everyone was drawing a blank on what to do next and we were running through angles.  It all stems back to having that big show, that PPV, every single month.  There was never a plan for that to ever become anyone so there was no grand scheme of things either.”

Arn gave more thoughts on the overexposure of Hell in the Cell:  “We have now had about 20 Hell in the Cell matches.  We have not had 20 historic angles that warranted a Hell in the Cell match.  It’s not like it needed to be every year.  Now they have two in one night. It’s like everything else in this business.  You see something that’s a new concept.  You put it out there.  The guys or girls go above and beyond what it asked of them and they make that night special.  Instead of walking away and saying let’s put that back in the closet and somewhere down the road we may take that out again because that was awesome and special, they are already trying to book it before the dawn even dawns.  It’s like, ok, that was good, when can we have another one.  Now let’s have two in one night.  What you end up doing is you run out of things that are special because we just can’t wait to get it back on TV.”

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