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Arn Anderson says WWE's Spirit Squad stable was created for Vince McMahon's amusement



Arn Anderson did another "Ask Arn Anything" special for his "ARN" podcast on

Arn explained why he is not interested in starting his own wrestling school:

“As far as a wrestling school, I feel like you have to put way too much time into it to be successful," Anderson said. "The kids deserve that because it has to be a difficult task to pick up roots, go to a wrestling school, pay whatever your fee is to get in, and now you have to make a living on top of going to wrestling school. My hat’s off to these kids that get part-time jobs that I’m sure whatever they can get that will fit their schedule which they are able to work around with their training hours and all of that. It’s a difficult task to be honest with you to make it all happen.

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Anderson continued, "I’m sure it’s part of paying your dues, and I’m glad of that. I hope no one is really suffering and making the wrong decision on possibly where they’re working, why they’re working, and how they're juggling all of this stuff. I don’t think I would have enough time between AEW now since we’re back every week, between that and the podcast, it’s starting into as much as I would want. But, who’s to say down the road because one thing I do enjoy doing is if there’s a kid that comes up and asks me a question for the right reasons, I will do anything I can to help them, free of charge. It’s always nice to be able to tell a kid, ‘How about trying this?’, and have them go to the ring, have it work for him, and come back through that curtain with a smile on his face a foot wide and go, ‘It worked. It worked’, and the light bulb came on. There is nothing more gratifying as a coach than that.”

Arn was not a fan of The Spirit Squad in WWE:

“I wasn’t much of a Spirit Squad fan and the whole concept. Nick Nemeth survived it, Dolph Ziggler. The rest of the guys, who were all good guys, but just the whole concept, I think it was just Vince entertaining himself because he can. That’s the problem with billionaires sometimes. They do things that entertain themselves when it’s not in the other people’s best interest, but, I guess they’re billionaires. They can do what they want.”

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