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Arn Anderson talks about Drew McIntyre and the “bookerman” angle with Brian Pillman and Kevin Sullivan

During another “Ask Arn Anything” edition of his podcast, Arn Anderson answered questions from fans on a variety of topics. 

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

Arn was asked if Drew McIntyre can be their next guy the way Roman Reigns has been and the way John Cena has been before: “Sure I do. Drew has it all. He looks the part. He has matured. He’s paid his dues. He’s been around the world to learn his craft. He came back to WWE with a very mature look and outlook. The only thing I hate about this entire run that he is having is we don’t have the fans to show him in the arena how they feel about it. I think he would be getting a very good reception. The fans know he paid his dues. I hope they stay the course with Drew and don’t get antsy and nervous and make one of those knee jerk reactions they usually do and shut his water off before he gets a chance to show what his value is.”

Arn said he didn’t know Brian Pillman was walking out the match he had with Kevin Sullivan: “They didn’t tell me. They didn’t tell anybody. There are people to this day that wonder, at that point in time, when the angle was going on, what was real and what worked. Kevin got pretty tight-lipped about the thing. I was still helping Kevin do some of the booking, agenting some of the show. That particular night, as you can see, I was not dressed to wrestle. I was not scheduled to wrestle. I had a pair of walking boots on and polo shorts. When Pillman bailed up and left the building, they were left with a chunk of TV time. The referee ran over and said, hey, Kevin needs you out there and work the match because Pillman split. This is on live TV. I came down to the ring, asked the referee what was going on and he said you have to fill about 10 minutes. It was a strap match and so we just, without me having a clue as to if I was a pawn in this? Was I going to be told afterwards what the hell just happened? But, it’s a funny thing. They trusted me as a professional and just went out and worked something that may or may not have started as a shoot. So, they trusted me to be able to fill in the blanks. We beat the piss out of each other so I don’t think the audience was let down but my angle was not with Kevin that night. I was not supposed to be his opponent. When you buy a ticket to see a match, usually the guy that fills in is not going to be adequate. I’m pretty sure I was not adequate as the opponent they paid to see. Who knows what was what. There were some times when a lot of things were being thrown up against the wall to see what would stick and that was one of those nights.”

Arn and Conrad Thompson talked about tire irons, Drew McIntyre, AEW’s tag team division and much more.

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit ARN (Arn Anderson’s podcast) with a h/t to for the transcription


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