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Arn Anderson and Bret Hart

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Arn Anderson talks Bret Hart and WWE firing people when they don’t deserve it

AEW on-air talent and former WWE agent Arn Anderson recently discussed the WWE return of Bret Hart around WrestleMania 26. Anderson was discussing the WWE Over The Limit 2010 PPV on this week’s episode of the ARN podcast and as always subjects around the business at the time were brought up.

When asked by co-host Conrad Thompson if he was surprised by the return of the Hitman to WWE RAW back in 2010; “I’m not sure if surprised is the right word” Anderson began. “I say never say never. Let me be clear, it’s a tough business you know you better have a thick skin. If you’re gonna be in this business you’re gonna get fired sometimes when you don’t deserve it.”

Anderson elaborated further, saying “You’re going to get cussed out when you don’t deserve it, you’re going to get not used when you don’t deserve it. There’s all kinds of things, and it’s just like any other industry. It’s a tough business it really is.”

Arn would then praise Hart and say that he deserved the opportunity to have the life he did following his health problems. “Just one time I would love to be able to say, ‘okay, I’m gonna go to Kona Hawaii, and lay on the beach. I’ll see you in a couple of years.’ He’s my hero! God, that’s tremendous, and you know he earned it. And I’m glad they [Bret and Vince McMahon] mended the fences, you know Bret still had things he wanted to do in the business and basically…this business gets in your blood.”

Anderson would finish by saying that “it’s a wonderful way to make a living. It’s a wonderful way just to live life and to be able to, you know, come back and get your face on TV and feel that emotion from the fans when you’ve worked as hard and as long as Bret Hart has for that company? He’s, he deserved it. He earned it.”

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