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Arn Anderson talks why Drew McIntyre didn’t work as WWE’s top guy during first run

AEW on-air talent and former WWE agent Arn Anderson recently discussed the WWE Over The Limit 2010 PPV on the ARN podcast. The master of the Spinebuster talked about a number of WWE performers during the show,  with current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre being one of the prime talking points.

On the show 10 years ago Drew McIntyre faced Kofi Kingston in a match for the Intercontinental Championship. Both men are very different performers now than they were a decade ago, and Arn discussed this during the podcast.

“I always liked Kofi, and I always thought he had a lot of potential” Arn began. “He was just starting to blossom at this point. I believe this point in time is when Drew got so lean right? He got so ripped it looked peculiar, he got TOO ripped, if that’s possible.”

Arn elaborated on that point further, “it was almost a distraction. When you look at him now in that mature big rugged look that he has? He looked like a first stage bodybuilder that was ready for a show back then, you know? And I would tell him, ‘Drew you have gotten too lean’ and he was trying to do what he thought Vince liked. Vince was always a body guy as we know.”

Anderson would finish by saying how the ‘Chosen One’ gimmick that was bestowed upon McIntyre was a lot of pressure for the younger Superstar. “But I think he took it too far and he got so lean that it was a distraction, if that’s possible. I know that being the ‘Chosen One’ is just like anything else, when you get pushed too hard and to put that moniker on somebody? That’s a hard moniker to hold, even though we’re ‘working’ here, and that’s a ‘working’ moniker. The whole thing I think in the back of his mind? Vince maybe did go ‘hey, he’s the next guy’ and if that’s the case, I can see why he got so lean.”

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