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Arn Anderson was not a fan of The Bunny's 2014 run: "why do that to Heath Slater?"


This week on the "ARN" podcast with Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson, they talk about Survivor Series 2014 and all of the news surrounding that event.

For those of you that watched WWE in 2014, you will remember that this is around the time when Adam Rose was being pushed with Rosebuds around the ring. One Rosebud, The Bunny, got over with fans and ended up wrestling some matches.

One of the matches on Survivor Series 2014 featured Adam Rose and The Bunny against Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater. It was a short match and The Bunny defeated Slater after hitting a missile dropkick.

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Arn felt that Slater deserved better than this. He said, "The thing that jumps off the page to me is, why do that to Heath Slater? He's better than that. Right now, today, they could still be chanting 'he's got kids.' He's that good. I knew Slater - one of his first matches I went down to the school and produced. It was a 30-minute match and I saw that day, he's very very good."

Arn continued, "I went down to produce a 30-minute match with [Slater and Justin Gabriel] and I saw that day Heath Slater had it and so did Justin Gabriel. To be put in that situation it's just criminal. You ask me why it's on that show, I have no idea. There's entertainment, yea? Gobbedlygooker is not good entertainment. The Bunny is not good entertainment. There's good entertainment and then there's just throwing sh*t out there because you consider that entertainment and that's what we do. That ain't what we do."

Arn said he was someone who would speak up about things and that is why he is doing a podcast with Conrad.

You can listen to “ARN” with Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson on your favorite podcasting app. Arn’s first live show will take place on 11/30 in North Carolina. Visit for ticket information.

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