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Arn Anderson wishes he could have teamed with 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig



Arn Anderson took some questions from listeners on the latest "Ask Arn Anything" episode of "ARN" on

Arn covered everything from his days in Jim Crockett Promotions, WWE, and he gave his thoughts on the current wrestling scene. Here are some highlights:

Arn was asked to give his opinion on the relationship between New Japan, Impact, and AEW:

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“Absolutely. 100%. I truly believe that one year ago, or a little more, AEW went on the air and helped open up new avenues, new interest in the wrestling business which helped Impact, New Japan, Ring of Honor, it just created a new interest in the business. I feel like New Japan and their style and their television show is so different from Ring of Honor. Ring of Honor is so different right now than Impact. They’re all different from AEW. I think it gives you a lot more options and a lot more things to watch. There’s going to be some crossover talent on some of these shows which makes it even more interesting.”

Arn was asked: “If you could have tagged with any wrestler in the ‘80s other than Tully or Ole, who would it be?

Arn answered: “Curt Hennig. No doubt, Curt Hennig. Oil and water, totally different. I can’t do any of the stuff he can do, but I think that’s what would have made it interesting.”

The entire show is available now at

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